Re: patch so far...

--- Don Scorgie <DonScorgie Blueyonder co uk> wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 20:57 +0000, Joachim Noreiko
> wrote:
> > Here's a patch of all my changes to the gnome user
> > docs so far, as requested by Shaun.
> > ...
> > Images of the mouse pointers are also needed to go
> > with this patch.
> I've attached a little program I wrote that will
> create little png's of
> all the cursors in the current (cursor) theme.

Thanks :)

Unfortunately, it appears not all of the GNOME mouse
pointers are represented in the Human theme I have

All the various drag pointers (move, copy, symlink,
ask, not available) are not in human, so we still have
the old versions, which is what GNOME currently
displays, so that's fine.

But these are still missing:
* I-beam
* Window-move +

Does anyone know where they might be found?

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