Latest patch for nautilus documentation


I have just posted the latest update to the nautilus documentation
(.../gnome-user-docs/gnome2-user-guide/gosnautilus.xml) as an attachment
to bug #324966.

This is a work in progress : some things are still missing, things need
fixing, it has still not been proofread or spellechecked ; it is however
more correct and more complete than the last two versions.

The Nautilus file properties page (in versions 2.10/2.12/2.13) does not
send you to the correct place in the help (it just dumps you in
"Modifying the Appearance of Files and Folders"). I have written a patch
for nautilus to fix this, but to avoid confusion I would like to only
submit the patch after the documentation to which the user is sent to is
correct and complete.

Could somebody commit this to CVS then I may submit a bug and patch for
Nautilus please ? (That is supposing that this is the correct way to do

Love, Karderio 

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