Re: Patch for duplicate hotkey in the libgnomeprintui print dialog

Hi Kjartan,

Yesterday at 13:22, Kjartan Maraas wrote:

> What if I fix all the translations after commiting the change? It's just
> changing the accel key so if I just update all translations and remove
> the #fuzzy marker from the translations that were fuzzied by this change
> everyone can live happily ever after, or?

Sure, that's better, but it will require following steps:

 - notify gnome-i18n that you're about to do such a change
 - do that change (be quick, but allow some time for translators to
   commit what they have offline)
 - notify gnome-i18n that you're done

This is just to avoid cvs conflicts, which are painful for most of the
translators.  So, if you really care enough to go through all these
steps, then I guess there is somebody who cares enough about it. :)


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