DocTable updates

I've made a number of updates to the DocTable, as follows:

- Evolution: Application name change to Evolution - suggested by Sasha.
- Evolution: Made two rows for Evolution to reflect different work being
done by Ximian and Sun.
- File Roller: Updated Doc Maintainer column.
- GConf Editor: Removed reference to SAG, updated with 2.6 information.
- GDM: Removed reference to SAG.
- Notification Area, DrWright, Fontilus, Show Desktop button, Themus,
Various Preference Tools, cddb-slave2, Panels, Nautilus, Nautilus CD
Burner: Changed writer to Brian Casey, updated with 2.6 information.
- GNOME Desktop System Administration Guide: Updated with 2.6
- Glossary: Deleted - requested by Sasha.
- Gaim: Added information to footnote about location of preliminary
documentation - requested by Sasha.

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