I just signed up with this mailing list today, in hopes that I could
soon be writing docs for the gnome project.
	I've always liked helping people. I moderate at www.linuxcult.com
(username is Fingel) and usually thats enough. But recently I felt that
I wanted to do something more, and writing documentation for my favorite
desktop is a good way to help people.
	I read through the guidelines and I think I can do it. Some of the
DocBook lingo is sort of confusing. Does anyone know a good tutorial to
get me started? I also noticed that one of the top priories was writing
documentation for the gnome-games package. Gnometris doesn't have and
documentation. Its a simple game, I figured it could be a simple place
to start. Has anyone already written it?
	I'm excited about helping the GDP out, see you around.
					-- Austin Riba

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