Interested in a couple of of projects, wrtiting documentation...

My name is Patrick Klee, and I have been writing docs for a couple of
projects for two years, but sadly, they died out.

I use GNOME 2.2 and have Debian.  I would like to write docs for a
couple of projects.

I am interested in the following:

glossary - Maintained by Pat Costello, Writer is Alexander Kirillov

gnometris - Maintained by Chris Lyttle, and not written.

If someone could email me with the subject, "Project Doc Requests." so I
don't accidentally delete it with the Debian list emails I don't need.

Email me ASAP on hpw to get started, and iirc, I need to learn DocBook. 
I think I have docs for writing docs in docbook in debian.

Thanks again.

-- Patrick

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