Re: Help needed to make gedit passing "make distcheck"

Paolo Maggi wrote:

Hi guys,
	I have problems in making gedit CVS HEAD passing "make distcheck". I
think these problems are due to the doc build stuff but I'm not sure.

The errors I get are:

rmdir: `/gnome/cvs/gedit-HEAD/gedit-2.3.1/=inst/share/omf/gedit':
Directory not empty
make[3]: [uninstall-local-omf] Error 1 (ignored)
ERROR: files left after uninstall:


make[1]: *** [distuninstallcheck] Error 1
make: *** [distcheck] Error 2

Any idea?
Could anyone please help me in fixing this problem?
This is a known problem that scrollkeeper does not completely remove the indices it creates when they are emptied again, and is not obviously a bug.

If you are using Automake 1.7 however, you can tell automake that it is okay for the scrollkeeper stuff to stay around after a "make uninstall". It uses the command $(distuninstallcheck_listfiles) to list all the files in the install prefix -- if it doesn't list anything, then the uninstall was successful. The default value for this variable is:

   distuninstallcheck_listfiles = find . -type f -print

To ignore the scrollkeeper stuff, you could add the following to the toplevel of your package: distuninstallcheck_listfiles = find . -type f -print | grep -v '^\./var/scrollkeeper'

Alternatively, you can disable the check for uninstalled files completely by adding the following rule:

More details can be found in the autoconf info manual (the "Dist" node).

Hope this helps.


Email: james daa com au

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