GNOME 2.4 release schedule

Folks -

It's that time again, when things ramp up with a sort of nervous
desperation as release looms.

The full release schedule is here:

The key dates are July 7 for the UI freeze and Aug. 13 for the first

The Release Team has sprinkled holy water[1] on the final modules list.
For those not on the hackerly lists, full discussion is here:

In brief, here's the new stuff:

    drwright (now part of control-center)
    fontilus (now part of control-center)
    themus (now part of control-center)
        totem (using the gstreamer backend only, for this release)

There are two chores[2] that need doing right away.

1) Someone or a few of us need(s) to go through these, determine
   what docs they might have and what is needed. This entails
   building the app and also checking with the maintainer to
   see what if any docs work migh be already underway. Perhaps we
   can split the list amongst us?

2) Someone needs to update the doctable to include the new stuff, as
   well as adding columns for the 2.4 release so we can be sure of
   what's updated.

I know there have been some new folks looking for ways to get involved.
This is a great opportunity.

We also have a shiny new docs build system available thanks to the
indefatiguable Malcolm. It's already in place in gnome-utils and a few
other places, and I plan to get off my ass soon and write up a short
how-to so we can get it propagated across the rest of the modules.


[1] Believed to be Guiness.
[2] Did I say "chores"? I meant "fun, exciting tasks!"

John Fleck
jfleck inkstain net (h) jfleck abqjournal com (w)

"Not only isn't reality real - it's an illusion created by unreal people to
sell real people unnecesary cars." - Griffy

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