GNOME 2.2 Doctable roundup.

I have updated the doctable with the rest of the manuals updated for GNOME 2.2 
by Irene, Breda, Eugene and myself. To summarize, we have udpated the following 
manuals for the GNOME 2.2 release: 

Applications and Applets

- Eye of GNOME
- gedit
- cdplayer
- Character palette
- gkb-new (Keyboard Switcher)
- gtik_applet2
- geyes
- gweather
- mini-commander
- mixer_applet2
- gnome-cd
- grecord
- wanda the Fish
- clock
- inbox monitor
- window list
- workspace switcher
- panel
- gnome-terminal
- print manager
- gnome-calculator
- gnome-character-map
- gnome-system-log
- Nautilus
- gperfmeter

Generic Guides

- GNOME 2.2 User Guide 
- GNOME 2.2 System Admininstration Guide

Jobs that we haven't updated for GNOME 2.2 for one reason or another are as 

- panel-menu (Menu Bar): dormant
- archive generator: marked as already updated in the doctable
- ghex: we could not get this app running on any 2.2 build
- gprocview: Sun-specific, no update needed
- gnome-search-tool: marked as already updated in the doctable
- ggv: substantial changes required, prioritized for 2.2.1
- system-details: Sun-specific, no update required
- file roller: we will take over this job for 2.2.1
- GNOME on Solaris Accessibility Guide: need to convert this into a generic 
guide before creating a 2.2.1 version. 

And that's it...for now. We will keep you all informed as we do further updates 
of the above manuals, large and small.


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