GNOME 2.0 System Admin Guide - Provisional TOC

The following is a provisional TOC for the GNOME 2.0 System Admininistrators 
Guide - any suggestions/comments welcome ...

GNOME 2.0 System Admininistrators Guide - Provisional TOC


GConf Database
   - Introduction (preferences database, keys)
   - Structure of GConf Database (three tiers: mandatory, default,
   - Schemas
   - gconftool Command Line Interface
   - To Set Mandatory Application Preference Values
   - To Set Default Application Preference Values
   - To Set System Preferences
     - Proxy
     - Print Manager
     - Number of Workspaces
     - Panels (number of, properties of)
     - Panel Launchers
     - Desktop Background Objects
     - Accessibility
     - Startup Applications [1]
     - Shortcut Keys
   - To Set Look-and-Feel Preferences
     - Font
     - Desktop Background
     - Splash Image

Menu Structure
   - Introduction
   - Menus and vfolders (introduce .desktop files, .directory files, and
   - Editing Menus
     - To Add an Item to Menu
     - To Delete an Item from a Menu
   - Extending vfolder 
   - Structure of a .desktop File
   - To Add Help Links to a .desktop file (xref to Appendix C)
   - To Pregenerate Help

   - Types of Theme (Gtk+, Nautilus, Metacity)
   - How to Install a Gtk+ Theme
   - How to Install a Nautilus Theme
   - How to Install a Metacity Theme
   - Developing Themes (brief overview)

MIME Types
   - To Modify Default MIME Types

Setting Screensavers
   - To Set Screensaver Preferences
   - To Modify Screensaver (i.e. "hacks")

Session Management
   - Logon Scripts
   - Logoff Scripts

   - To Restore a User to Default Settings

Appendix A - Special Directories
   - List of the .* directories (eg .nautilus) and their function

Appendix B - "Kiosk Mode"
   - How to set up GNOME with limited functionality [2]

Appendix C - Help File Format

[1] Are startup applications specified in gconf? If not, this information
should go in the Session Management chapter.
[2] Hopefully, this appendix will become a series of cross-references to
other parts of the SAG.

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