Re: String/UI freeze and crying wolf

> 1. dotPlan is not clear.
>  - remove old schedules and left only the current one (I mean remove or
>    hide those horrible "Revised schedule" notes)
>  - markup important freeze dates
>  - define the terms (what does UI FREEZE mean = no commits of translatable
>    messages without approval of release team or something?)
>  - set the last date for translation commits (it is PACKAGE DUE dates?)

I would kill to be able to work on this stuff...somewhat outdated
webpages are my real gripe in life.....I'm quite willing to work with
the release team on this and help to make the dotplan stuff more
concrete - but I guess at the end of the day they aren't the 'power' of
GNOME and can really only advise....[1]

> 2. Stick to the release plan
> This way we can force developers to stop adding (hidden) features but to
> squash bugs and stop adding new messages. And the release team needs to
> enforce the deadlines.

When I saw your mail I decided to mail the release team about the
UI/String changes....the response I received is pretty strongly against
any changes before let's stick to the release dates present
and work from there.

> 3. I feel we have too many prereleases leading to lowering of their
> importance for developers IMHO. I would suggest 2 betas and 1 release
> candidate as a starting point.

I actually disagree here....the snapshot releases have been really really forces people to get hacking on stuff and it gives the
testers and documentation people something to work off....but, obviously
I can only speak as a somewhat developer :/

> And we should add a UI review period, since it's hard to get GNOME really
> consistent.

Yes, yes....YES! Let's do this - it's really not that hard...and as the
interfaces get better, less time consuming...and it's excellent
fun...really it is..

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

[1] Which is complete crap...developers, if you are reading this, your
life belongs in the hands of the release team...listen to them ;)

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