Session Properties and Crack up Programs

Hey there,

So this afternoon, we decided to waste large amounts of time doing the
UI/String review of this dialog....basically most of this triple tabbed
dialog is a load of crap and it would be really nice to kill *large*
parts of it. AFAICS, it's confusing, broken and highly non-useful. 

I know we're in a UI freeze right now, but can we hash up a list of
things that we *should* have in the dialog? I'm quite sure that the
average user [1] wouldn't miss this dialog if it went away.

I figure we could drop -

'Automatically save changes to session' [2] 
'Show splash on login' [3]
'Choose Current Session' frame [4]
'Startup Programs' tab [5]
'Current Session' tab [6]

			Comments, flames..please 

				See ya,
					Glynn :)

[1] although I'm biased because I don't think I am one
[2] On crack
[3] damn it, we're GNOME! let's show it!
[4] It's totally broken [I know, I designed it]
[5] Although this could be a seperate dialog
[6] We should hide it in $(prefix)/lib/bonobo/monikers [7]
[7] No one would think to look for it in there ;) [8]
[8] No offence Michael

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