Doc Style Guide: Terms update

Hello all,

I have updated the terminology list/wordlist so that we're looking at the latest for tomorrow's UI review on IRC. See

Here is a list of the changes:

* Added new terms to wordlist.xml as follows: 
  - Desktop Interface Terms: auto (prefix), autogravity, field, GNOME Menu, GNOME Menu button, panel popup menu, preference tool, window group (1), window group (2), 
  - General Computer Terms: preference, property

* Modified following wordlist terms: 
  - Desktop Interface Terms: applet, filename (1), filename (2), popup menu, username (1), username (2), window list
* Deleted following wordlist terms: 
  - Desktop Interface Terms: capplet (replaced with preference tool), file name (replaced with filename (1)), Global Menu (replaced with GNOME Menu), GNOME Panel (the concept of _a_ GNOME Panel never existed), Main Menu (no longer exists), Main Menu button (replaced with GNOME Menu button), Panel menu (replaced with panel popup menu), swallowed application (no longer exists), tasklist (Deleted - replaced with window list), task group (replaced with window group (2)), task menu (no longer
exists), user name (replaced with username (1)) 
  - General Computer Terms:   tasklist button (Deleted - replaced with window list button) 

* Miscellaneous edits to bring wordlist up-to-date with GNOME 2.0 - eg remove references to Global Menu


PS thanks Greg for the quick hack.

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