Re: [Scrollkeeper-devel] Re: converting omf files

On Sun, 5 May 2002, Dan Mueth wrote:

> On 5 May 2002, Chris Lyttle wrote:
> > I have checked out all of the above and they are equivalent as far as I
> > can tell to the older versions of the webpage, for eg it shows <version>
> > as being multiple indented tags instead of being one tag as in the
> > webpage. This is so for both the example from the sk site and the gnome
> > cvs copy.
> Doh!  I think I'm having one of those Homer Simpson moments.  Yeah - I
> also haven't updated scrollkeeper-example2 yet.  Well, the
> scrollkeeper-example2 build files and documentation should be fine.  It is
> just the OMF file which needs to be updated.
> I should have these packages updated shortly.

Everything should be up-to-date now.  Tell me if you find any more 


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