Re: Changing Yelp to use GtkHtml1 instead of GtkHtml2

On 4 May 2002, John Fleck wrote:

> > > 
> > > I detect sarcasm in your question, but sarcasm doesn't particularly move
> > > the discussion forward as much as simple declarative sentences full of
> > > information might.
> > > 
> > 
> > Sarcasm? no, definately not. It is very good to hear that CSS is a small
> > price to pay, so we can discard it and I need no longer worry about any
> > rendering details. I just need a pointer to that magical thing that will
> > make this true so I can hack on all the non-help-related fun things in my
> > free time.
> > 
> Sander, you need to cut this crap out.

There is no crap - its true. 

> >From IRC earlier today:
> <sander> I really hate it if people say 'not having CSS is a small price
> to pay'

I also hate it when people say 'all use of nuclear power must end',
'GM crops will end world hunger' or 'Amiga is the only real computer'.
And i hate all the other broad sweeping unqualified statements aswell.

> So in one place you say you hate it, and in another place you say, with
> apparent sarcasm, that it is "good to hear." Be direct. Say what you
> mean. Your sarcasm is just flamage that wastes valuable time.

Having to figure out the 100% correct, just works, meets all visual
requirements CSS code is not exactly trivial, esp. if I can't rely on it
being nice for just me or just discard all acessability requirements. So
yes, I would very much like to have something that just works.

I am saying what I mean.

> This is a simple technical issue that needs to be discussed. Either:
> a) CSS is unimportant because we do not need to use it in Yelp, or
> b) CSS is important because we need to use it in Yelp.

We don't need CSS in yelp - at least as far as i know. We need the
combination of yelp and the stylesheet to diplay all the content correctly
and be acessible. I have no grounds to claim that this means we must have
CSS support in the html widget used by yelp.

> Going through the pros and cons of this is important in order to make
> this decision.
> All you need to do is explain why you think "b" is the right answer (at
> least I think that's what you think - you've left me guessing). It's
> very likely I and many other people would agree with you, and the
> question could be settled.

I'm not claiming b) is the right answer. 

I'm also by now fairly certain I don't really care one way or the other.

> Regards,
> John
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