Re: Changing Yelp to use GtkHtml1 instead of GtkHtml2

On 4 May 2002, Mikael Hallendal wrote:

> For me the most important part of the above is the one about maintained
> or not. Filing bugs against GtkHtml2 is totally pointless since they
> won't be fixed anyway. Radek is working full time on the GNOME 2.0 port
> of GtkHtml1 (now fixing a11y) and has said he will help getting it to
> run smoothly in Yelp.
> GtkHtml1 is also much faster and eats less memory (less then half for
> large documents).
> So by this mail I am saying that I want to do the switch and have Radek
> working on a11y for GtkHtml1, when that is in place we will have a
> maintained html widget rather than a half finished unmaintained one.

I think its silly to use an unmaintained html widget for our help, esp 
when its broken and there's no one to fix it. Even though it is late Yelp 
will benefit from any fixes done during an evolution port as its using 
gtkhtml1 too. Not having CSS is a small price to pay for fixability of 
bugs esp ones that cause crashes, etc. 
As a user I'd find it very disconcerting to have help crash, thats the one 
app I _expect_ to work well. I think the help app is important for GNOME 
to have done nicely as its used by almost all the apps. Yelp is a 
tremendous improvement in our help system lets get it working well so the 
doc authors can focus on useful help pages instead of how to fix a app 
that isn't working right.


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