Re: Doctable is Inaccessible

I found the source of the problem.  In's apache 
configuration file access.conf, we now have:

# Deny access to all php files, our php on this server is
# out of date and insecure
<FilesMatch "\.(php|php3)$">
   Order Deny,Allow
   Deny from All

It looks like this was added on Feb 28, 2002.

I guess we need somebody to look into either getting this turned on (and 
presumably updating php on canvas) or else moving it to another machine.  
Any volunteers?


On 22 Mar 2002, Nicholas Curran wrote:

> Hi all.
> Just a few notes on where this flamer has been.  I have been quiet for
> the last couple of weeks, due to finally getting my new computer (which
> took me ages to build and setup properly) and starting University. 
> Things are now settling down, so I will now have some time available to
> continue here.
> I have applied for a web administration account for the Doctable, so
> that I can start changing the PHP code and databases behind it.  I am
> still waiting for a reply for this request.
> The current problem is that the DocTable is inaccessible.  Try the
> following URL, and you should get a forbidden error.
> Does anyone know what has happened to DocTable while I have been away? 
> I have never has this problem previously, and I can't do _anything_ if I
> can't access the table.
> Nick Curran @ Quasar
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