Re: Bugzilla for Lampadas

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 03:09, David Merrill wrote:
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> I am in need of a good bug tracking system, and don't want to host it on 
> my own box. It just isn't reliable enough. iBiblio installed Bugzilla, 
> but they won't give users any admin rights at all, so I can't even create 
> a Lampadas project. And SourceForge is way too simplistic for all but the 
> simplest projects.
> I remember a Gnome developer told me awhile ago that you might be willing 
> to host a Bugzilla project for Lampadas at Gnome. Possibly it was a 
> personal offer. I don't remember, and since pan is still offline I don't 
> have access to my mail archive to refresh my memory.
> So if you are willing to help out the Lampadas project by hosting Bugzilla 
> for us, I would be *most* appreciative. Is it possible, or are your 
> services strictly limited to Gnome projects?

I have sent an email to Luis about your request and will hopefully hear
back from him tomorrow.

Eric Baudais

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