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On Thursday 25 July 2002 06:16 am, Irene Ryan wrote:
> Dan Mueth wrote:
> > On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, David Merrill wrote:
> > > Are you standardizing on ISO date formats in your XML? I ran across
> > > an omf file with a date of "May 2002" and my code is barfing on it.
> > > Before I have to write or look for a date parser, I want to make
> > > sure this wasn't an oversight on your part. OMF does recommend that
> > > best practice is to use ISO dates.
> >
> > You are right that dates should be in the YYYY-MM-DD form
> > (or more generally, according to:
> >, so that date should be fixed.

> Which OMF file is causing the problem? If it's one of mine, I'll fix it
> and resubmit to CVS.

Drat it, I don't recall now. It will turn up again, never fear.

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