Re: GNOME and Lampadas

On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 11:30:53PM -0500, Eric Baudais wrote:

> We need to have a bit more information about the license for each
> document.  We need to know the version of the license and the holder of
> the rights to the license.

Assuming you mean copyright holder, this is now added, and will get
propogated to the demo server once I do some testing. Probably an hour
or less from now. The demo is

I just realized that what we'll really need is a set of copyright
holders in a child table. There could be more than one. And this data
can also be extracted from DocBook, so you won't have to enter it
manually for DocBook files.

> We need to two descriptions of the document.  The first description is a
> one line description and the other description is the abstract already
> in Lampadas.

Also just added.

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