Re: API docs locations

On Sun, 2001-09-02 at 21:24, Owen Taylor wrote:

> The current gtk-doc code actually depends on a common installation
> root directory for cross references to work. Now, this cross-reference
> system needs to be improved/redone as we move to docbook-xml, but in
> general the need to have a way of finding out all installed docs is
> going to persists.

Are Gnome apps supposed to install both DocBook XML and HTML docs for
GNOME 2.0? (Presumably the API docs should do the same.)

For XML, the cross-references could possibly be solved with
XPointers/XLinks (can't remember which off-hand), and the XML/SGML
catalog. (Though does the SGML catalog system have provisions for
non-root installations?)

> The reason for the:
>   /usr/share/gtk-doc/html 
> location is that it is neutral. I don't think it really makes sense
> for libxml or glib to be installing under /usr/share/doc/gnome.  We
> could go to
>  /usr/share/doc/api
> or something, but that seems a bit like namespace poaching.

Or maybe we could let apps/libs install the docs wherever they like, as
long as the put a file in $prefix/share/gtk-doc that contains the
directory of the actual docs.

Or gtk-doc could search the entire $prefix/share/doc trees for
the index files (maybe a bit slow).

(If we still want HTML for GNOME 2.0, of course)


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