Re: Docbook editors (was: FAQ)

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 07:17:15AM -0400 or thereabouts, Trevor Curtis wrote:
> ...
> > easy, although DocBook involves either learning an editor with some
> > form of DocBook, general SGML or auto-completing-tags support or 
> > accepting you'll be doing a -lot- of typing. The tags are verbose :)
> ...
> I've heard of such editors or modes for both emacs and vi but have
> never used/found them. Is there some lisp available to do this in
> emacs? Are there other editors that can do this?

Setting aside GUI XML or SGML editors of which we all hear rumours.. :)

PSGML mode for Emacs. It's a separate package. It was very cool and
made it try (again...) to learn Emacs just to be able to use it. 

Dunno for vi/vim, although I'd be interested if anyone has simple
vim macros for vim newbies. (I still can't learn emacs: I am too
used to joe, whose kill and yank keys are almost the exact opposite
of Emacs, leading to disasters :) So I thought I'd put years of
moving my little @ sign around nethack to use and try vim again. So
vim stuff would be handy. 

I usually use joe, and a lot of little files with quick templates of 
some of the common constructions (<qandaset> and <variablelist> are 
the obvious examples), and a -lot- cut and paste :)

Also, that's why I like the gnome document templates. Copy, splat,
done :)


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