RE: XML/DocBook Tools [was Re: GNOME Documentation Style Guide]

Replying to myself....

>===== Original Message From "andy.piper" <andy piper freeuk com> =====
>One other problem somewhere in all of this - I suspect the stylesheets - is
>that the stylesheet-images used for <note>, <warning> etc. currently have to
>be in GIF format (although some packages provide PNG versions, they are not
>used by the tools as they stand AFAICT). Should this be fixed too?

... ah. Well, I did mention that I was a newbie! I've just spotted the comment 
in Dave Mawson's DSSSL that states that we will change to PNGs for the 
stylesheet-images "soon". Sorry! I assume that the straight PNG conversions of 
the existing GIFs are going to be replaced with something shiny and new, and 
those are what is being waited on?


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