Re: GNOME Users Guide

I thought I'd add a bit more info here, in case people are curious what we
have in mind...

The problem with how we have done the GNOME User Guide in the past was
that we did it all by hand.  This meant that not only was it hard to
create, it was very hard to keep up to date and very hard for each of the
translation teams to reproduce.  It was basically impossible for
translators to keep up, since it was so much work.

The new proposed solution is to create some scripts which grab docs from
CVS and merge them together to produce a product similar to what we had in
the past, but to automate much of the work.  Once it is set up, doing it
for another locale or updating it is as simple as running the script.  It
is more up-front work, but should not be too bad for somebody who is good
at scripting.

Ian is working on the script, so if he doesn't run out of time or run into
too many problems, we should have something to work with in not too
long.  Chris is working on this with Ian.  Thanks to both of you.


On 13 Feb 2001, Chris Lyttle wrote:

> Hi
> I just chatted to muet about the scripts you are writing to automate
> taking UG docs from cvs and merging it into chapters for the UG GOOD
> JOB!
> I'll be attempting to do some work on putting the other bits of it
> together this weekend, please let me know when you will have something
> ready to test/break so I can try it out and we can feed to each other
> the changes being made to it.
> Thx
> Chris (Wilddev)

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