Re: question about RMB

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Arlo Rose wrote:

> Telsa Gwynne said:
> >> Variant (applies to both options): use in docs "context-click" instead
> >> of "right-click"/"click with MB3" - also with a link.
> > 
> > I go for option (mb :)) 2. You knew that already :) and I rather
> > like the idea of context-click. What would the translators think
> > of "select" for "click once on button 1", and "context-click" for
> > "click once on button 3" and so on? Are they going to hate us? If
> > not, go for it.
> My vote is for Context-Click.
> Note that MB2 will never have an inherent meaning to a user, assigning it a
> name that links it to its action is a much stronger naming method.

First, I must admit my naivete for opposing Arlo's suggestion.  I now
believe that "context click" is much better than any of the other options
we've seen.

I get the impression that many people would be happy with using
"click"/"select", "middle-click", and "context-click".  (Including
Telsa:)  Could we have a "show of hands" to see how many people support
this option and how many oppose it?

(Note: This is not a vote, it is a test to see whether we can reach a
concensus on this.)

It would be nice to reach concensus here, although I will certainly miss
the periodic debates over this topic.


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