Re: GNOME vs. Gnome

ROTFL :))))

I have been using Gnome in documentation since it is easier on the eyes 
and to read. GNOME is like my formal name, William, which I using when 
signing or reading something important. Foe everyday conversation I prefer
to use the nickname Bill. 

On Wed, 04 Oct 2000 00:39:03 eskil eazel com wrote:
> Ali Abdin wrote:
> > > I'd vote "Gnome," for the reasons Aaron cited.
> > I don't think this topic is appropriate for a vote. I think it should
> > just be 'GNOME' (at least in the English language) because it is an
> > acronym.
> So do you use a MODEM or a modem ?
> "Before using the MODEM, ensure that all cables are attached
> to MODEM and that MODEM is turned on. When turned on,
> MODEM will display lights. When dialling, MODEM will
> make funny small MODEM'ish noises..."
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always twenty." from a recent FIW show

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