RPMs with SGML docs

For those of you who want to test Nautilus' ability to display SGML
docs and have RPM-based systems...

I prepared some RPM's of some packages with SGML docs (and HTML docs with
the stylesheet-images/ images problem fixed) for gnome-core,
gnome-applets, gnome-games, and gdp-handbook.  Most of the docs in these
packages are included in both HTML and SGML form, although there are a
couple exceptions. 

Everything is set up in cvs HEAD, and these RPMs are built from the spec
files in there, so it is simple for people to fix any problems they find
in CVS and make a new RPM from it if they want.

Grab the RPMs from:


Although these should not be considered stable, I run them daily on my
production machine with little to no problems.

I think John will soon have a gnome-utils RPM for us too.


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