"Ask GDP" sort of question (can 'o' worms)

Hey all--

This is probably something that's been gone over a number of times, but
nonetheless, I'm interested in current opinions:

In what direction do you see docs moving as we go to 2.0 and start using
Nautilus as a help browser?
What would you most like to see added to Linux and GNOME help systems?

I'm thinking in terms of indexing, searching, and context-sensitive help
here: How do we go about doing that for GNOME?  How do those features
differ from, add to, or detract from the current help implementation? 
Do you see any changes in the way you will write docs for the upcoming
2.0 help system, which is more centralized and which takes greater
advantage of SGML/XML searching/indexing (if i'm not mistaken, the idea
is to generate the html on the fly, so that it's searched as SGML/XML)? 
How do you currently (if at all) implement context-sensitive help?

Thanks for your opinions.


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