Re: GUADEC: longish account of things discussed

> Telsa Gwynne <> writes:
> Thanks for your report -- very useful to me who didn't visit GUADEC!
> |   	o The other big thing related to this is that nautilus will be
> |       generating html on the fly from docbook files. Very very fast. Jon
> |       has been doing a prototype tool for this. So far it handles only
> |       some of the DocBook tags, and he wants files to throw at it. I have
> |       the vague idea that it only does XML but I may be very wrong
> |       there.
> Using normalized SGML should work (maybe, the DOCTYPE declarations of
> the files have to be adjuted).

It does do only XML.  We can get docbook to understand this xml, though
and shouldn't be a big issue.  I'll try and get an exact list of rules
for you guys, though.


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