RE: A suggestion about glossary.

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> Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 10:50 PM
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> Subject: A suggestion about glossary.
> Hi
> I read some time ago about a mailing list thread on written 
> Documentation
> for programs and how they used some UNIX terms about which a 
> newbie not be
> comfortable with. There was also a suggestion for a Glossary 
> by Telsa or
> someone. Well there is this site - It has a
> database of whole lotta computer terms, including most of the 
> UNIX terms.
> You can find the meaning of such things. So in your 
> documentation you can
> link to the website, for more info on terms like PID, about 
> which newbies
> might not know, but would like to.

Not sure that this is a good idea.  Lots of people won't have GNOME
connected to the 'net, at least not with full time internet connections.
Also, ins some contries, Internet access is still expensive, and they only
want to be online when they NEED to be.  If someone wanted to, they could
probably talk to the maintainers about using their definitions,
but I'm not sure if that would be any better than writing our own.

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