Dialog Help

Hi GDP Folks-

Are we going to have specific help for the dialogs that appear for the
apps and applets?  I would really like to see this implemented.  I'm
talking about a help button in all the dialogs that are common
throughout most apps in GNOME.  Some common dialogs that are in most
apps the "Save As..." dialog, "Open" dialog, "Print" dialog, "Print
Preview dialog (with gnome-print), "Color Picker" dialog, and others I
can't think of now.

I think this would benefit the users to have a help page they can go to
and get help on a certain dialog, if they don't know what to do or what
a certain option does.  This would be for the whole GNOME desktop, or at
least for the dialogs that are used in GNOME.

What do you all think about this?  Comments?

Eric Baudais

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