Re: GDP Handbook

Eric Baudais <> writes:

|   On the page "The GNOME Handbook of Writing Software Documentation"
|   in the "GDP Stylesheets" section I think a note should be included
|   to tell readers, if they copy over cygnus-both.dsl and envoke
|   db2html, jade will say cygnus-both.dsl is the stylesheet being used
|   when gdp-both.dsl is actually being used.

I always thought it is a bad idea to think calling "db2html" will do the
right thing.  We do need some autoconf checks.

SuSE Linux also comes with "db2html", which is considered to be
backwards compatible.  By accident, the SuSE script defaults to use
suse-both.dsl (a pretty minimal customization style sheet), but it
respects a --style option; this might help in some situations.

It would be much better to call jade directly from the Makefiles.

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