Decision, decisions, decisions

This is a summary of a conservation that took place at on
#docs at 10:10 (-0600 UTC) CST.  There was a rather large conference
(large for the channel) about Sasha'a templates and some standards were
agreed upon for the documentation of gnome applications and applets.

After rereading my logs several times and finally understanding what was
said these are my conclusions:

1)Documentation for applications use either <article>, for most
  documentation, or <book>, for long (long = gunmeric's documentation 
  length) documentation.

2)In the header will go a copyright notice and the documentation's author.
  **If there is more than one author of the documentation, only the main
  documentation's author will be inserted with "et. al." after his/her
  name.** (This is my own addition, but I believe it's a logical

3)There will be a special credit section at the end of each documentation
  for the application or applet's author(s), documentation's author(s),
  and any other special credits or thanks as the documentation's author(s)
  see fit to include.

4)Documentation for applets will start with <sect 1> and not include any
  <doctype> declaration.  Each individual applet's documentation will be
  compiled together and maintained by a single person (or others if he/she
  deems it necessary).

5)All documentation will have an id attribute either at the <chapter>
  declaration, for large applications, or at the <sectn> declaration.
  Ex: <sect1 id=appname-sectionname>

I think that was everything that was discussed.  If anyone has anything
more to contribute or correct by all means do so.  If anyone wants to hear
us babble people usually talk around lunchtime or in the afternoon
(Central Standard Time) which is in the afternoon and evening for you
Brits.  After 6pm (CST) not a lot of chatting can be seen. Seems
everything, including the irc channel revolves around you guys:)  Once
again it's on the server on the channel #docs.

If you want the full transcription email Dan Mueth and pray he keeps not
so distingue things like that.  Otherwise I have a partial transciption.

Eric Baudais

Drake, Dargus, Hemorimus, et. al.

"They give you illusion that has the appearance of truth.  I give you
truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion."
        --Glass Menagerie

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