Re: Users Guides vs. Help

       I still think it would be more effective just to list all
important applications in the users guide, giving, say, 4-5 lines
description of what each of them does (as in gnome software map) and a
link to the application's own help. We have tens of important
applications; giving even 4-5 pages for each of them in users guide
would be too much and difficult to maintain. 

And of course, each app must have
an online help...


> I think that one could keep a light tutorial of the most important
> gnome apps in the user guide, but have a longer and more detailed help/tutorial
> for each app. The user guide could contain a "getting started" selection
> of the apps help/tutorial. The reason is that otherwise the User Guide
> will be extremely long and needs to be maintained very often. 
> Also I think it is easier to get the user to read a 4-5 page "Getting
> started with GNOME Calendar" than just hit them in the head with a
> 20-30 page detailed document. 
> Other than that I think that if GNOME is to be successful it needs
> Help buttons throughout the apps that are linked to good and precise
> help.
> Just my thoughts
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