GNOME API Docs Status - Read it!


After some time of leaving you alone, I am back to bug you. This is a
most uplifting message as you may notice that the list of available
GNOME API items has dwindled to a mere 12! Just 12 things left to
document and we can focus on something more prose like!

Having made this wonderful news available, I must make a few pleas: 

[a] to those who have signed up for documentation, but who have not
    sent me any mail as to your status, do so!

[b] If you have finished and I missed the cvs commit please tell me.

[c] If you haven't started but are planning to, please tell me. 

[d] If you decided GNOME (or I) can go &@#$^& ourselves, please tell
    me in some polite manner

For those of you who have not signed up but have at least 1/4 of a
brain, please choose from the following list and let me know that you
can document these items.


Once these are done we can start focusing on front material, editing
and then some programming guides.

Thanks for all the help so far - we are close now, lets not stop. And
remember, if you want to help out and you don't like the choices, the
GTK+ RDP needs your help too....

          David Mason
        Red Hat AD Labs

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