Re: Random thoughts on process.

At 12:56 PM 11/8/99 +0000, Neil D Matthews wrote:
>>How do people see the process for generating documentation, etc? E.g. 
>>will it be based on the usual practice of frequent release / bug-report / 
>>recode (rewrite) / rerelease, etc.
>I'd like to see a Wiki server set up for collaborative generation
>of documentation, at least for API documentation.  I'm not sure how
>well such a system would work for user guides and the like, but when
>programming Gnome and Gtk, I often need to use API calls that are
>undocumented or have very minimal documentation.  After experimenting
>and looking at source code I have a good understanding of the API,
>but it remains in my head, and I don't have the time to learn DocBook
>to contribute to the documents.  It would be great if programmers could
>go to a Wiki server and easily add to the documentation.  DocBook could
>then be generated from the content of the Wiki site.
>         Nat.

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