Re: White Papers build scripts

On Wed, 26 May 1999, John R Sheets wrote:

> Is there any reason why a target doesn't exist in the gnome-docu
> package to create html versions of the documents?  All it seems
> to do right now is break things down into smaller sgml files and
> tar-gzip them up.  Db2html is already being included in
> gnome-docu.  Why not add the facility to make and install html
> versions of them?

It creates sgml files with a doctype of

	-//GNOME Documentation//DTD DocBook HTML 1.0//EN

This has the advantage that you can prodocue html with a simple sgmlnorm,
but you're still able to customize the docs (via entities).

The actual html files are created from the web-mirror module which makes
them have a customized style to the current "target" (web site).

I'll add an option to create "normal" html files to web-mirror soon.

Martin Baulig - -

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