Re: translating the GNOME Users Guide to Dutch

> I'm interested in translating the GNOME Users Guide to Dutch. I've sent
> you a mail before, but didn't receive a reply yet, or I did, but deleted
> it in my last effort to order my incoming mail (if so, sorry :-|)
> There is a current Dutch translation, but for a reason unknown to me, it
> ends up in a mixture of Duth and English at the last half (usually the
> result of a translation machine(?)).
> Please inform me if, and how, I can be of any use here.

Hi Stefan,

   Have you looked at,, and ?

There is a contact listed for the Dutch translations:  Gert Dewit

There is also a web page at
which may be of interest.

Note that in addition to translating the Users Guide to Dutch, the po
files must also be translated to allow GNOME to display in Dutch.  

I am not personally familiar with the Dutch translation project, but I
expect they would welcome your help.


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