RE: GNOME FAQ FUBAR'd; need advice

On Sun, 22 Nov 1998 wrote:

> Hi Todd,

Hi, Manuel.

> Could you send me a copy of the new release ?

> Have you used the docbook format ?

Unfortunately, not yet.  If I do convert the FAQ to a directory-based
format, then I hope to change it to DocBook as I do that conversion.

> I'm lived similar problems with the JDK Faq. This kind of structural
> change discourage translator efforts.

Yes, and I really do appreciate and wish to encourage the translations
in any way which I can.

> You may use the cvs mail facilities to notify changes to the 
> translators.

I plan on having a web-based utility, since I have access to a web site
but not a CVS server.  I hope for it all to be cgi-based; it's just
easier for me that way.  All of this should be transparent to the
translator, who would do:

	% faqctl list_changes

and get a list of outstanding changes which need translation.

> >       D) I would like _not_ to do a release of the FAQ until my
> >       version and _all_ of the translations are in sync, so that
> >       non-English-speakers are not given worse information than English
> >       speakers.  Of course, this is dependent on the availability
> >       of translators.
> I agree with this dream !


> I think it's a good approach, with this system it's easy for translator
> make the work step by step, and work together with other volunteer.

Yes, this is the idea.

> I can't help you to test the system, if you want. I'm system admin and
> perl programer.

Same as me!  Great, I'm glad that you agree.

Anyone else have thoughts on this topic?

Todd Graham Lewis      MindSpring Enterprises
 The Windows 2000 name was obviously created over a glass of root beer
  in the company cafeteria by a couple of executives looking for a way
   out of the Windows NT delays.                     -- John C. Dvorak

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