Re: More g-d-u l10n.xml tips :)

Hi Shaun,

(you definitely are NOT subscribed with to gnome-doc-devel-list :)

Today at 8:31, Shaun McCance wrote:

> Very good news.  But is there any way for me to enforce
> usage of a particular version of intltool?

Yes in the build system ( check), not for translators.
But we probably want to introduce that in as well (at
least as a warning for translators, a comment such as 
  "# intltool at least: 0.34" 
could be parsed by intltool-update).

> I'd like to do that anyway, as there was a version of
> intltool that lost attributes, and that screws up the
> translations pretty hard.

Yeah, I was actually wrong about the version: it's 0.34, and that one
lost attributes, but that got fixed a week later with 0.34.1 ;-) 

The thing with tags in comments is that with older intltool versions,
they simply won't show up (but messages would be extracted correctly).
So, you should be able to use anything except 0.34 from the recent

Also note that, translators most rewarding
utility, is already on 0.34.1, so those who grab PO/POT files from
there, shouldn't have any problems with it.

> I have to deal with those strings considerably less often than
> the sum of how many times all the tranlators have to deal with
> them combined, so I'd say it's worth the trade-off.  I don't
> find the resulting XML too ugly anyway.  Particularly with the
> extra msgid in there, all the msgstr elements are just nicely
> placed on their own line.  I can live without indentation.

Great to hear that, so...

> But, this would invalidate all of these strings, right?  All
> the translators that have already put in the effort would have
> to redo all their translations, or at least go through and
> remove a bunch of fuzzy markers.  I suppose if we do them all
> in one fell swoop, we can just do the adjustments to the po
> files at the same time, saving translators the effort.

Yeah, sure... It shouldn't be too hard anyway.  msgfilter or simply
sed can even do the job (inserting \n before any <msgstr>) for us.


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