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On IRC, rob (robert staudinger gmail com) asked if it would be possible
to use gdl for dia. Of course it is possible and I think we will profit
much if someone else uses gdl and finds & fixes bugs.

The most important thing for him is to get rid of bonobo and gnome
depency (because he target dia on MacOS X). We agreed that it would be
useful to strip the library down to the docking stuff (Gtk Docking
library) because anything else is old and deprecated.

I had a look at the code and it seems no difficult task. Bonobo is just
used in gdl-recent.[c/h] (which is not used because we have EggRecent
and in future GtkRecent) and gdl-tools.c (in a function which is also
never used).

Gnome-Vfs is used in gdl-icons.[c/h] which I think should be moved to
libanjuta as it has some interesting function to get the correct icons
for mime-types (=> libanjuta/anjuta-icons.[c/h]).

Everything in symbol-browser and idl is very old, not used and anjuta
has more up-to-date versions of the code. I think we can savely remove
it. The pixmaps from symbol-browser/pixmaps will be moved to

All in all, this is not much work and I can do it after the release. I
just wanted to ask if this is ok for you (as you are the maintainer, if
any). We can discuss this on IRC, anyway, it's annoying to write so much
text in IRC ;-)

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