Converting CHM to DevHelp books


I wanted to inform DevHelp developers and users that it's now possible
to convert full books in CHM and HTB into DevHelp book format, by using
a generic HTML Help book framework I wrote in Python ( )

Basically, to convert a CHM book into a DevHelp is as simple as:

  hhconvert /path/to/book.chm /path/to/book.tgz

The code is only available in the subversion repository - there is no
tarball as the code is not yet ready for prime time.

That said I also want to inform that I'll stop providing more books in
DevHelp format, i.e., I'll no longer update those in . There is no intention in
making DevHelp a full-fledge viewer. It has very limited functionality
compared e.g., with PHP+MySQL web interface as in and something similar can be done
much more easily with Python as in . I
still would like to have a nice documentation browser in gnome, but I
think DevHelp is no longer the way to achieve it.

If anybody still wants DevHelp books they can make it themselves using
the above process.

In the near future I'll implement the opposite, i.e., allow convertion of
DevHelp books into CHM/HTB, to use with the GTK/GNOME documentation.

I hope you find this useful/interesting.

Josť Fonseca

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