glimmer depends on gnome 2.1.x now

Hi all,

I just committed a patch by Murray Cumming that makes glimmer depend on
libgnomeprintui-2.0. This is part of the GNOME 2.1.x desktop. So in
order to build glimmer cvs from today on, you need that package/a GNOME
2.1.x desktop. Without this patch, you couldn't build glimmer on a GNOME
2.1.x desktop.

I've been running that desktop for ~2 weeks now, built with jhbuild.
It's very easy to run a GNOME 2.1.x desktop without screwing up your
existing rh8 gnome2 desktop for example. Just do the following after
you've built the gnome22 packages in jhbuild:

cat > ~/.Xclients
jhbuild run gnome-session

chmod a+x ~/.Xclients

Logout & Login again with the "Default" session. This will start your
freshly built GNOME 2.1.x desktop.

Anjuta2/gdl will probably depend on 2.1.x pretty soon as well (replace
the existing icon code in gdl with the new iconloader code in


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