New gdl, gnome-debug, gnome-build, and gIDE available

The newest development version of gIDE is now available.

This is the first release of the new-and-improved bonobo-based gIDE.
This is an almost complete rewrite of the codebase.

* Disclaimer

	This is a development version of gIDE.  It will not do
	everything you need it to do, and the stuff it does do it
	won't do particularly well.

* Availability

	You can get the gIDE source tarball here:
	gIDE also requires gdl (0.1.0), gnome-debug (0.1.6), and 
	gnome-build (0.0.2).

	It also requires a GNOME 1.4 development environment.(including
	bonobo, gnome-vfs, etc).

* Contact Information

	The development of gIDE and its related components is
	discussed on the gnome-devtools gnome org
	mailing list, and in the #devel-apps irc channel on  
	Bugs can be reported on

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