gnome2 port

Here are my thoughts (some of which I've discussed with jpr) on the
gnome2 port of anjuta2.

There are four modules that need to be ported:  gdl, gnome-debug,
gnome-build, and anjuta2.

Gustavo has offered to port gdl.  Since scintilla has not been ported,
initially the gnome2 port will not include the scintilla-control
subdirectory.  This leaves the gdl/ and idl/ subdirectories.  This
development will happen on HEAD, and a gdl-0-1-branch will be created
for the gnome1.4 version, and the gdl version number will be bumped to

At least until scintilla is ported (and perhaps afterward, we'll see) we
will be using a GtkSourceView-based control, probably GlimmerFile.

I am currently rewriting gnome-debug using gnome2.  (Note that I said
rewrite, not port).  This rewrite should start becoming useful sometime
around the new year.  This isn't checked in yet, but when it is the
gnome-debug-0-1-branch will be created, and gnome-debug version number
will be bumped to 0.3.x

I don't know what the status of any potential gnome-build port is.

After gdl, gnome-debug, and gnome-build are ready for the gnome2
platform, we can begin porting anjuta2.  I think it is important to wait
until these modules are fully ported (in the case of gnome-debug, I want
to wait until it's doing stuff) before we start with anjuta2  The three
major parts are going to be libanjuta, the shell, and the plugins.

Here is my plan for the anjuta2 port:

I'd like to pot libanjuta2 and the shell.  This will involve porting the
sample tool also, to make sure things work.  I think this will take one
weekend, so it shouldn't block on me for long.  The major changes here
will be:

* rewriting the dialog stuff in anjuta-utils.c to use GtkDialog
* Using GtkTreeView instead of etable for the plugin manager
* Using gconf instead of gnome-config for the plugin manager (this may
not be necessary at first)
* Updating for the new APIs, in particular the oaf->bonobo-activation
change and other minor changes.

After that we can begin porting plugins.  Once the shell is ported we
can just have a plugin-porting free-for-all (except that the project and
debugger tools should probably be taken care of by the people that
port/rewrite gnome-build and gnome-debug).

So is everyone ok with doing the port soonish?  There are some

* All the anjuta2 developers will need to keep a relatively up-to-date
gnome2 environment
* We add two new dependencies (gtksourceview and glimmer) to anjuta2,
bringing us to a hefty 6 total modules).
* We'll probably run into bugs in the gnome2 platform that we'll have to
either fix ourselves or wait for other people to fit.  That'll be a bit

Personally I would like to start the ports of
gdl/gnome-build/gnome-debug as soon as possible.  Any thoughts?


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