Is there a list or home page for vte terminal emulator? I am writing a
GTK+ terminal client for the 3270 terminal protocol, reusing most of
x3270 components, and I need to contact developers that work on vte --
or any other terminal widget for GTK+.

Well, the problem with vte is it was planned to only use local
terminal emulation through the forkpty system call. 3270 terminal
emulation needs a mean to connect the terminal widget to a socket.

I would like to know if there is currently a plan to develop this
interface for vte (which probably includes a new function similar to
vte_terminal_fork_command and two callbacks for pre-processing input
and output where I would plug the 3270 protocol functions). Or if I
should look somewhere else (or maybe implement this myself?).

Pedro de Medeiros
Computer Science student
University of Brasília, Brazil
Home page - http://www.nonseq.net

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