Re: SCons'ified PyGTK

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:


  Behold! A SCons'ified PyGTK is now available:

  It needs scons 0.96.91, instead of make.  I had to invest a lot of
effort and time to make this happen, due to missing functionality in
base scons.  However, I tried to be careful to split out generic
functionality into a separate 'scons tool' that could potentically be
reused outside of PyGTK.  I didn't test it on win32, but in theory it
should work, with more or less adjustments.

  Features of this tool include 'dist' and 'distcheck' support, along
with configure checks for pkg-config modules, python version, python
headers, etc.  It should be noted that the scons-based tarball is only
595K vs the 919K autotools tarball.  The difference is 324K, while the
scons-0.96.91.tar.gz full source takes 343K.

Good stuff! Scons is an interesting build system but unforunately it lacks some standard autoconf/automake features. I've written my own extension for 'make dist' support but I look forward to taking a look at your 'scons tool'.

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