Re: "Single sign-on" for the Gnome keyring

On Sat, 2006-08-05 at 19:21 -0500, Travis Watkins wrote:
> On 8/5/06, Fredrik Tolf <fredrik dolda2000 com> wrote:
> [large snip]
> > I'm fully intending to do this work myself. I'd just like to hear any
> > opinions about this scheme or any weaknesses spotted. Anyone?
> Perhaps you're looking for pam_keyring? [0] It seems to do what you want.

Well, that was interesting indeed. It seems like an excellent measure in
the meantime. My main objection against it is that it assumes that all
logins through the affected PAM chain will be to Gnome, however. What I
was intending to do would be a more generic solution (if they wanted to,
even gpg, Mozilla's keyring and others could use it).

Fredrik Tolf

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