Re: Allowing yelp to view docs for app installed in separate directory

Albert Chin wrote:

If I install gnome-2.8.2 to /opt/gnome28 and evolution-2.0.3 to
/opt/evolution20, how do I get yelp->Applications to see the Evolution
documentation in /opt/evolution20? I have Evolution working
successfully out of /opt/evolution20 but I'd like to get yelp to see
it's documentation (invoking yelp from within Evolution displays the
Evolution documentation just fine).
Yelp uses scrollkeeper to find documentation, so you'll need to call scrollkeeper-update to add the documentation.

To register docs from a non-standard location, I believe the invocation you want would look like this:
   scrollkeeper-update -o /opt/evolution20/share/omf

If you run the same command after uninstalling evolution, it should remove the entries from the scrollkeeper catalog (so you want to run this command on post-install and post-removal).


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