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El dom, 14-08-2005 a las 19:54 -0400, Hobgoblin escribió:
>  think that, aside from the need to improve performance, that we
> really need to think about Unix/Linux's strengths as opposed to other
> operating systems. One of these is its ability to be used as a multi-
> user system, with multiple concurrent log-ins. This could be a key
> area to focus upon in Project Topaz.
> Neither we nor KDE really caters for this at the moment. I am not
> referring merely to security but even to basic features. For example,
> if a user logs into a command-line Unix shell, they are normally
> greeted with the MOTD (message fo the day file). However, logging
> directly into a dekstop environment does not cater for this. No window
> appears with messages. Likewise, "talk" "wall" and "finger" do not
> have equivalent tools under the GUI. 

The KDE camp solved this with an in.ktalkd and a kwrited kde daemon
which pops up a window whenever write or wall is invoked.

> This is one area to address in order to really distinguish the Linux
> desktop environments from its commercial OS rivals.
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